WOS4 Photos

Check out the wos4 photos on Flickr (212 right now) and in this blog (99), if you haven’t done so yet. There are some really spectacular ones. Among the ones I like especially are Rasmus Fleischer by SimSullen, fun with the Burn Station by rportrr, Larry Lessig on camera by perspective89, [i.]’s fisheye view of the art & copyright workshop, Fernanda Weiden by netzpolitik.org and the Information Freedom Rules panel by Frank Ronneburg.

If you took photographs and haven’t put them online yet, you can upload them on Flickr and tag them with “wos4,” put them onto your own webspace and send us a link or mail them to me directly so I can include them on the wos blog

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  1. SimSullen Says:

    whow, i made it on the wos blog! ;)
    thanks for featuring one of my photos here… i will add a bunch more to flickr in the next days. hey bloggers, feel free to use them for your reports!
    wos4 was really nice and inspiring to me, thanks a lot to all the people who made that happen…good work! and if you promise to expand the wifi bandwith i promise to be there next time ;) sim.

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