EU Copyright Directive reviewed by civil society experts

A network of civil society experts is cooperating over the summer to create a best practice resource site and report on the implementation of the EU Copyright Directive. We will discuss a draft version of the report at the Wizards of OS conference in Berlin from 14-16 September, and at the EUCD workshop we are organising on 17 September. Based on feedback in Berlin, we will then create a final report by the end of October.

We already have a significant amount of material up at the EUCD Wiki, see especially the draft of the Best Practice Guide. We would be interested to hear from other copyright experts who would like to contribute further best practice examples from EUCD implementations. The guide is structured so that implementation details are stored on country-specific pages, and particularly good (or bad!) examples are
then referenced from the main report.

Please contact Ian Brown (I.Brown [at] if you would like to become involved.

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  1. gunnar pfeifer Says:


    please watch our sites. we made really free music and free art long BEFORE the creative commons were born!

    sorry, but the english part is not ready on our sites …

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