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Art & Copyright

Wednesday, 13 September 2006, 10-20:00, at link Tesla, Klosterstraße 68-70

Organised by Cornelia Sollfrank and Nicolas Malevé

Registration required. Please mail to Cornelia or to Nicolas.

FREEdom and OPENness – anything but marketing and ideology? Sharing, really? Culture from and for the Commons

One day before WOS4, an international group of artists, programmers and theoreticians will meet for a concentrated exchange of experiences within a workshop situation. The programme of the day will include a general discussion about terminology (esp. in regard to openness and freedom as derived from open source and free software and applied to arts and culture); it will address questions of authorship (collaboration and distibutive practices as challenges for the art world); it offers the possibility for knowledge transfer in a section about free tools for artistic and cultural production and discusses their meaning for the quality of an artwork; it tries to evaluate the practice of applying open licences to works of art, and finally demonstrates a new model of open publishing (print on demand) as well as the use of free tools in design and publishing during the final “printing party.”

This workshop creates a working situation where all participants are asked to contribute and is therefore only appropriate for people with expertise in the field.

Laurence Rassel, Simon Yuill, Harrisson, Pierre Huyghbaert, Simon Worthington, Adam Hyde, Saul Albert, Gisle Frøysland, Malte Steiner, Gordon Duggan, Eberhard Ortland, Hinrich Sachs, Aileen Derieg, Goran Djordevic, Gergers Petersen, Felix Stalder, Inke Arns, Jacob Lillemose, Annette Schindler, Dorothea Carl, Christian von Borries.

Start: 10 am, all day, including long breaks which offer time for informal discussions.
Common dinner at 8pm

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